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Hire The Right Attorney

Robert Cottle has a passion for helping people wrongfully injured in accidents. And for the last 20 years, he has been one of the leading attorneys in the Las Vegas area developing an unmatched track record of helping injury victims recover money, medical treatment, employment and other compensation for their suffering.

From an early age, Robert knew he wanted to help injury victims. Robert graduated from the University of Utah in 1986 with a degree in English and a minor in Spanish, and later, he graduated from Loyola in Los Angeles with his Juris Doctorate degree and began practicing law.

Following his education, Robert spent several years working for a leading law firm managing multimillion dollar product liability cases requiring the highest level of skill, ability, and legal strategy giving him crucial experience that would later prove invaluable to his clients.

Areas of Expertise

Slip & Falls

Have you slipped and fallen on a wet, slippery floor? This is one of the most common hotel dangers. We can help.

Hot Water Burns

Scalding water from a tub, faucet or shower can be a painful and life-altering injury. Call today about your case.

Pool Injuries

A pool can be a dangerous place. Injuries from slips, diving accidents, or worse, drowning. Injured? Call today.

Furniture Accidents

One of the most unexpected injuries in a hotel is a fall or injury from defective or overused furniture or chairs.

What Our Clients Say


“I didn’t think I had any chance of getting anything from the casino when I got hurt. The first attorney I called said I didn’t have a case but Rob got me an amazing settlement.” 

Trina B., Inland Empire, CA

“I injured my back falling in a hallway. I didn’t realize the floor had been recently mopped. Robert not only won the case against the hotel, he got my medical bills and back pay for missed work. I’m so lucky I called the right lawyer.” 

Allen V., Seattle, WA

“No one has ever fought for me like Rob did. I’m very grateful for the money he helped me get from the hotel.” 

Mary Beth L., Las Vegas, NV