A notable published decision from Mark’s legal work is Poremba v. S. Nev. Paving, 133 Nev. 12, 14, 20, 388 P.3d 232, 235, 239 (2017). This case has been discussed in several legal blogs throughout the country. In this case, Mark advanced a workers compensation claim from the agency level to the Nevada Supreme Court. Mark’s involvement focused on the interplay and interpretation of statutory worker’s compensation laws and the common law liability when a worker is injured on the job by a third party. The Nevada Supreme Court agreed with the written and oral arguments made by Mark and the case set precedent for future workers compensation claims involving third-party settlements—explaining workers compensation insurers are not
entitled to reimbursement from the portion of third-party settlements designated for remedies that fall outside the scope of workers compensation, e.g., amounts allocated to compensate for pain and suffering.

Mark completed his law degree in two years at the University of Dayton in Ohio. When Mark is not working, he devotes his time to his wife and five children and all their hobbies.