10 Things to Do If Injured While Vacationing in Las Vegas

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Scenarios When Vegas Casinos Are Held Liable for Injuries

Casinos bear various legal responsibilities regarding the safety and well-being of their patrons. Under Nevada’s premises liability law, these establishments must regularly inspect and maintain their premises to ensure that they are safe and free of hazards that could result in injuries. If a patron is injured because… Read More

Maximizing Compensation After a Las Vegas Hotel Injury

Whether you’re a Las Vegas local or a tourist, a hotel injury can easily ruin your experience on the Strip. These hotel and casino properties have a legal duty to maintain safe conditions and minimize the risk of injuries to visitors and guests. However, sometimes negligence results in… Read More

Can I Sue a Hotel for Emotional Distress?

Most of us know that if we suffer injuries caused by negligence, such as a hazardous condition at a hotel, we can file a personal injury lawsuit for damages related to those injuries. This legal right applies to both physical and mental injuries, such as emotional distress. … Read More