Food Poisoning?
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There are several types of injuries that can occur from food, but the three main categories are:
1. Allergic reactions
2. Foreign objects in the food
3. Food poisoning

When restaurants are careless in their food preparation or ignore allergy recommendations from their guests, serious injuries, or even death may occur. It’s important to always share your allergy information with your server and confirm that your food was prepared carefully.
Foreign objects in food can cause significant damage or even result in death, depending on the object. When food is prepared in large quantities, as it is in the hotels, these injuries are more likely to occur.
Food poisoning occurs often in hotels with their mass production and serving of meals, and especially with buffets. When the food is not replaced in a timely manner, it can have bacteria and other harmful substances. This is especially true with fish, shellfish and poultry meats.
With food poisoning, someone experiences discomfort in their stomach within 12-18 hours after eating the rotten food. The symptoms are pain, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.
Usually, the symptoms pass and the person recovers, having lost the day and or night. About 10% of food poisoning victims end up in the emergency room with more serious complications, such as dehydration, ruptured bowel or colon, and other medical conditions.
If you think you received an injury from food prepared in your hotel, please contact us today.